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Navigating the end of a pet's life is difficult - whether a pet parent or a pet care provider. You do not have to do it alone. The PLRC is committed to serving the Madison area and surrounding communities in South Central Wisconsin during every step of the grieving process.

Please contact us today to learn about resources and support available to you. 


Phone: 608-836-7297

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I am very thankful that the support group is available. It was very helpful to be able to listen and share our story with a very supportive, empathetic group of people. There is comfort in knowing that your are not the only one who knows the pain of losing a pet.
— Pet Loss Support Group Participant
The Pet Loss Resource Center was a Godsend to me. When I lost my little kitty, I was devastated. They helped me so much and helped me get my life together. Linda was fantastic! She understood what I was going through when I lost my litty - Just taking to her helped me so much!
— Jeff, Pet Loss Support Group Participant